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How can I access Quantum Collaborate as a Client

Your Solicitor will share access to Quantum Collaborate with you via email.

Collaborate Client 1

The email will contain a temporary password and link. Please copy the temporary password and click on the link ( to access your account.

Enter your email address and temporary password into the boxes shown below.

Collaborate Client 2

You will be asked to change your password to something more memorable.

Collaborate Client 3

You will now be asked to set up two factor authentication which we have implemented for your security.

Collaborate Client 4

You can find instructions for setting this up here:

What happens when I login?

When you login for the first time you will see your case information. This includes your details, your ex-partners details, dates, children and exchange rates

Collaborate Client 5

Navigate your way through each section, checking the information is correct and make any necessary changes. These changes will be automatically sent back to your Solicitor for review.

Please note: Quantum automatically saves your changes, before moving to the next section. Please ensure the status is ‘Saved’ in the bottom right corner as below.

Collaborate Client 6

How do I access my Form E?

Once your solicitor has reviewed any changes you have made to the case information, they will share your form with you. You will receive an email letting you know.

Collaborate Client 7

Login to your account and you will see the form available to you at the left side of the screen.

Collaborate Client 8

Click on the form to expand the sections available for edit.

Collaborate Client 9

Your Solicitor will advise you which sections of the form to complete. Expand each section using the drop-down arrow highlighted below.

Collaborate Client 10

Once you are happy with the changes made you will need to submit the form back to your Solicitor. To do this click ‘Submit form’ as highlighted below.

Collaborate Client 11

Quantum will ask if you are sure you wish to submit the changes.

Collaborate Client 12

Click ‘Submit’ to confirm or ‘Cancel’ to continue editing the form.

You will not be able to make any further edits until your Solicitor has reviewed the form and returned it to you. A message below will appear to inform you.

Collaborate Client 13

If you are required to digitally sign your forms, you can export them to a PDF using the print or download button and digitally sign in Adobe. The final form can be sent back to your solicitor via a secure method (GDrive, Dropbox, ICloud etc.). Do not do this until your are certain the form is completely finished and no further collaboration is required from you or your solicitor.

If you need to provide additional documentation to support your form, you can send this via a secure method (GDrive, Dropbox, iCloud etc.)

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