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Quantum Fam Forms Awards

​New features include:

  • Cloud Based – Access your Quantum system anywhere
  • Automatic updates
  • Data is stored in the cloud
  • Multi-factor authentication and the highest security
  • Intuitive and modern design
  • Manage your client files
  • Unlimited text input
  • Easy printing
  • Auto-save functionality
  • Form versioning
  • Form update panel

For a more in depth look at Quantum Cloud's features, click here.


As part of Quantum's move to a new platform, we have added an impressive security profile including the most up to date industry leading systems.
The developers at Isotoma are ISO271001 certified and includes both AWS Certified Security Specialists and CSSPs - certifications to reinforce their knowledge and expertise in protecting customers data in cloud based applications.
The security protecting Quantum is outlined in comprehensive documents, listed below:

End user security & compliance

Quantum information security


It is important to note that Quantum Cloud is built on a completely new platform to the existing Quantum app. It may be necessary for you run both versions side-by-side for a while as you complete older/existing cases on current Quantum and start your new ones on Quantum Cloud.
It is not possible to open existing Quantum files in Quantum Cloud, but there's no need to worry; we will be supporting the current Quantum for as long as is needed while users transition over. We understand that this may take up to a year.
After all existing customers have moved onto the new platform, Quantum in its current format will become available as a read-only tool, so you will still be able to go back and look at archived cases.

Multi-factor authentication

Quantum stores large amounts of incredibly sensitive data, so we have also added multi-factor authentication to ensure that only you, the user, can access your organisation's Quantum files.
Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to give you complete peace of mind and assures you that your client's data will be safe.
Full step-by-step details on how to set up multi-factor authentication within Quantum can be found here.


There is no change for customers to transition over to Quantum Cloud. You will not be charged an admin or a set-up fee.
When it is time for your annual renewal, our pricing structure has changed slightly, but you won't see any dramatic changes to your costs.
You will no longer be charged a first user/site licence fee (£499+vat). Once you have moved onto Quantum Cloud, all licences will be £360+vat per user (charged annually).

Below is a video that we created to help the first group of Beta testers - existing customers who received the first version of Quantum Cloud back in April. The video gives you a brief tour of Quantum Cloud with tips and highlights on how to start using it.

Comments from existing users:

It is a lot easier to use and understand. The layout is much more modern and it responds a lot quicker than our current system. Deanna Goldsby, Paralegal, Shakespeare Martineau

Account Handling & Training

Lisa Crellin, Training Coordinator at Class Legal, will be helping you to transition on to the new platform.
As existing users, many of you will have already spoken with Lisa at some point or received training from her. She will be helping set up your new accounts for the Cloud-based application and will deliver an online demonstration, should you require one.
If you have any questions, you can contact Lisa directly by email:
If you would like to request an online demonstration, complete the form below, choosing Quantum Open Beta from the dropdown menu.

If you are ready to be set up with a Quantum Cloud account, please express your interest by filling in this form or email

Quantum Cloud has been developed in association with Isotoma - a company who specialise in developing cloud based software for businesses of all sizes - alongside our own in-house developers. You can read a write up of their process and how they approached the re-build here.

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