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1. Input the data for your calculation – here we are working out self-employed income tax using the Income Tax and Capital Gains calculator under the Tax and National Insurance heading:

Aeg Snip 1

You’ll see the answer displayed at the bottom of the screen.

2. To print a detailed report, showing the breakdown of the calculation, click on the printer icon at the top right of the screen:

Aeg Snip 2

3. The report will open in a print preview window:

Aeg Snip 3

4. Click on the printer image to print the report:

Aeg Snip 4

5. If you want your client’s name to appear on the report, enter it at the top of the Navigator:

Aeg Snip 5

6. You’ll then see it at the top of the report:

Aeg Snip 6

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