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Quantum is integrated with, which means you can connect up to the tool within Quantum and all of your core case information will be merged into the Standard Family Orders you wish to use. 

Qtm Fam Orders


Your core case information is taken from Quantum and merged into the relevant sections within the orders, saving you from manually typing your information into the template.

The core case information includes the applicant and respondent details, children details, the solicitor's details and the court details. For financial orders, the relevant information is also merged into the order from the Form E. 

Qtm Fam Orders 1

You can pre-select the paragraphs you want to use in the order, so you only have the required clauses in the final paragraph.


Qtm Fam Orders 2


You can preview the clause before you decide to include it in your final order.


Qtm Fam Orders 3


Benefit from guidance notes and commentary on each order, provided by HHJ Edward Hess, HHJ Martin Dancey and Edward Devereux QX. 


Qtm Fam Orders 4


The compiled order is colour coded, showing which information has been merged in and what still needs to be completed.


Qtm Orders 5


The order is formatted to the standardised rules so you do not have to spend time working on how the order looks.


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