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  • When you purchase one of our publications as an e-book, you will be sent an automated link to your email address requesting that you set up an account on our e-reader.
  • Once you have created an account, you can access your e-book.
  • Please note, if you are already a Family Law Hub user you do not need to create a new password for the e-reader; it will be the same as the password you use to access the Family Law Hub.
  • If you purchase different titles from us as an e-book, you will be able to see them all side-by-side on your e-reader bookshelf.

Benefits of using our e-reader

  • Access all of your Class Legal titles in one place.
  • Read your books on all of your devices, online or offline.
  • Gives you a complete portable library.
  • Find exactly what you are looking for with the powerful search functionality across all your e-books.
  • Annotate or page mark particular sections that you would like to come back to.
  • Easily navigate to a section of the book with the interactive index.
  • Ability to copy and paste text into a document.
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You can flick through the book using the navigational arrows or, if you are using a phone or tablet, you can swipe left and right to move between pages.

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You can annotate each paragraph using the note symbol alongside the text.

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All of your annotations are stored in the e-reader under the annotations menu item (along the top of the screen).

In the annotations section, the book and relevant sections you have annotated will be listed as headings. You can click on the heading and go straight to the section of the book you have annotated.

Ereader Image 4

When you annotate a sentence/paragraph in the text, it will highlight the sentence/paragraph so you can easily see where you have made a note.

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Use the powerful search functionality to search your entire bookshelf. Chapters of the book that contain the word/phrase you have searched will be presented as a clickable list, so you can jump to the section you need.

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Copy and paste sections of text to add to document or email to a client or colleague.

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Accessing the e-reader on different devices

Bookmark the e-reader URL in your internet browser - it will be easy to find again later.

You do not need to sign in and out each time you come out of the e-reader. It will remain signed in, even if you close your internet browser down.

The e-reader can be used offline too.

Read our full guide on how to use the e-reader offline and install the app here.

The e-reader app

Available on the e-reader

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