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At A Glance is used in court and negotiation at all levels of court as it is backed by the unrivalled editorial team and the FLBA.
Updated annually with the latest rates, leading cases and essential rules, this is one of the few family law books you cannot afford to be without.

What's new for 2021?

  • Fully updated Financial Remedy Procedure.
  • Rewritten table on the FRC, accompanied by a helpful list giving details of all the FRC zone hubs. The table includes key extracts from the FRC Good Practice Protocol.
  • Rewritten notes on costs and bundles.
  • Leading cases has been updated, now containing over 1000 cases carefully allocated into 100 separate categories. The Editors have highlighted in bold their all-time top 20 financial remedy cases in the list.
  • All the numeric and narrative tables have been fully updated.

ISBN: 9-781-85959-949-5 | Paperback | Published June 2021

There’s useful material on the financial remedies courts and their zone hubs; the usual puff for the IFLA arbitration scheme; sufficient on costs to scare you; and the other tables you have come to love. Without it, you’ll run the risk of looking or sounding (dependent on which form of remote has got you out of bed) a fool.

New Law Journal

Financial Remedies Courts Zone Hubs
Retail Prices Index
Interest Rates
Financial Times Indexes
Child Support
School Fees
Tertiary Education Costs and Funding
Social Security Benefits
Housing Costs
Company Cars
Duxbury Calculations
Life Expectancy
Income Tax
National Insurance Contributions
Capital Gains Tax
Taxing Times
Inheritance Tax
Gross Salary and Net Income
Grossed-up Net Maintenance
Financial Remedies Courts
Financial Remedy Procedure
The IFLA Arbitration Scheme
Pensions Overview
Pension Sharing Procedure
Life Cover
Exchange Rates
Matrimonial Causes Act 1973
Children Act 1989, Schedule 1
Financial Remedy Rules
Efficient Conduct of Financial Hearings
Court Bundles: FPR PD 27A
Leading Citations
Leading Cases

‘At a Glance’ is the go to (book) that every family lawyer should have.It is always up to date, informative and provides you with the tables and schedules you will use on a regular basis together with an excellent index and reference to case law.

Absolutely first rate, the only book I would have if I was limited to one.

Marc Saunderson, Mills & Reeve

This 30th edition of At A Glance celebrates the President’s announcement of 24 February 2021 whereby he formally recognised the Financial Remedies Courts as a permanent, established part of the Family Court.

No longer will the FRC be operating as an experimental scheme in a handful of pilot zones; it now covers the entire jurisdiction and its specialist judges will deal with all financial remedy cases from beginning to end.

This edition also marks the Silver Jubilee of the then ground-breaking new ancillary relief procedure rolled out in 27 courts as a pilot scheme on 1 October 1996: see the Practice Direction of 25 July 1996 [1996] 2 FLR 368. It is a testament to the durability of that scheme that its basic architecture is unaltered to the present day. Disclosure in Form E (strikingly similar to the current version); strict case management at the first appointment; no further disclosure after the first appointment without leave; judicial mediation at an FDR; estimates of costs; open proposals: they are all there. The 1997 edition of this work introduced a table for the new Pilot Scheme Procedure; its 2021 descendant, in near-identical format, the fully updated Financial Remedy Procedure, is at Table 20.

That pilot scheme went nationwide in 2000 and generally has worked well. Its principal deficiencies have been a perceived lack of specialisation amongst the judiciary and the absence of an allocation system to ensure that each case went to the right judge in the right place.

This was the driver for the creation of the FRC. It is populated by a team of ticketed judges to whom the gatekeepers will allocate the cases on issue. The speed of the development of the FRC has been impressive: it has gone from a mere idea in late 2016 to a permanent feature covering all of England and Wales in early 2021. Its arrival has been marked in this edition by a substantially rewritten table on the FRC accompanied by a helpful list giving details of all the FRC zone hubs. The table includes key extracts from the FRC Good Practice Protocol, which the FRC judges will be applying routinely.

The FRC will also be enforcing rigorously the rules about estimates of costs, the duty to agree chronologies and asset schedules, and the enhanced obligation to negotiate openly and reasonably. These are reflected in the rewritten notes on costs and bundles.

Leading Cases has been updated; it now contains over 1,000 cases carefully allocated into 100 separate categories which should enable the relevant caselaw on any point likely to arise to be quickly identified. But its length may be daunting. Your editors have therefore decided to highlight in bold our all-time top 20 financial remedy cases in the list. The exercise has involved a fair amount of editorial subjectivity (reducing the number of cases mentioned in Leading Citations by half), but we think that if practitioners read no other cases, those are the ones that simply must be read.

All the other numeric and narrative tables have been fully updated. With the completion of Brexit the extracts from Brussels IIA and the note on the Maintenance Regulation have been omitted; these are, however, available in AAG Cloud (see below) for those transitional cases still affected by them.

Since its inception in 1992 At A Glance has been printed with an eclectic, arguably eccentric, gathering of different fonts and styles. Your editors have decided that the time for consistency of font and style has come. We hope that you approve of the new presentation which we judge to have enhanced clarity considerably.

Since 2000, the digital companion to this work has been @eGlance. This has functioned bravely for years on increasingly obsolescent technology. It has now been revamped and rebranded, and is reborn in a cloud-based medium under the new name of AAG Cloud. No longer do users have to download software onto their systems, with all the negative connotations that implies. Now, like its sibling Capitalise, it functions in the cloud and can be used on any device anywhere. No longer will users have to wait for periodic updates to install; the system automatically updates on every connection to the internet. At the heart of AAG Cloud is the Financial Remedies Practice commentary on the rules. Swathes of additional narrative and computational material are also to be found there.

This is the first preface to have been printed since the death of our founder lead editor Sir Peter Singer. Seasoned readers will have noted the (near) absence from this preface of his trademark tortured wordplay, ponderous puns, obscure references and strained mixed metaphors. We trust that it is none the worse for their absence, and are confident he would have approved of our fresh new look. We miss his eagle editorial eye.

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